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Write Owl — September 12, 2020

Write Owl

Hello there, Reader!

I’m Annie G, and welcome to Write Owl, or should I say, write, monkey, write. It’s one thing to dream of having a blog, you see, but taking pen to paper and putting words on a screen is a whole different ball game. Plus, I can be a colossal lazy-bug when I’m in a phase with too much to do and too little energy. It doesn’t help that I’m pursuing a postgrad in Economics – I need to spend hours post-class to understand the day’s course work.
I’ve started this blog as a productive way to catch a rest when I’m a bit tired of studying for a few hours at a stretch. I don’t have much of an attention span, and this work-rest-work schedule does help me get stuff done. I don’t have a general theme in mind for this blog. I’ll probably post some poetry, humour and any random musings I can come up with sometimes.
Thank you for reading this blog, reader, and I hope to see you on my subsequent posts. I must take my leave now; I have assignments piled up for the weekend. I will make a post in a few hours once I get some work done. See you soon,
Annie G.

To Us — September 16, 2020

To Us

Here’s to the two of us,
As we share a mug of coffee and some salted biscuits
In the wee hours of the morning,
Quietly working on our assignments due later today.
It’s just us in the quiet room,
Sprawled out on the floor with our laptops,
Some paper, ball pens and sharpies littering the carpet
And post-its covering the walls in reminders.
We aren’t best friends in here,
As we sit there with our legs entangled.
That lie doesn’t burden us in our little bubble.
In here, we’re two fools deeply in love with each other.
And no eyes are glaring at us when we kiss,
With no one telling us that we’re only together
Because we haven’t found Mr Right yet
Or that we’re going to hell for being gay.
It’s just the two of us here, she and I,
Being ourselves, free and in love
Without the judgement, the hate and the fetishization to plague us.
As the sun rises properly, we wrap our work up,
Get a quick shower and prepare ourselves
For another day of hiding from the world,
Having each other’s back in the small ways that matter.

An Ode to My Pet. — September 13, 2020

An Ode to My Pet.

Go to sleep, little one,
You’ve had a long day,
And I’ll watch over you
Like you watched over me all those lonely nights.
Lay down your head,
And I’ll sing you a song like always,
All out of tune, but familiar music.
Let me not keep you from a well-deserved rest.
May you chase squirrels in you dreams
Like we chased balls as children,
May you have all the apple slices you can eat,
The greenest of grass to play in,
And the softest of mattresses to lay down on when you’re tired.
May you find someone to share stories with,
Someone who’ll love you without judgement
Like you’ve always been for us, little guy.
May you never feel lonely without us,
For it’s a long while before we can join you.
You’ll always be my reason to smile on sad days
And the light in the long, dark and lonely night.
Sleep well, little guy, and have the sweetest of dreams,
And I’ll have more stories to tell you when we meet again.

It’s been a little over a week since my pet dog passed on. We grew up together – me, my brother and the dog, from chasing after toys to staying up late in the night with us, studying for school, and later, college. He’ll always be a playmate and best buddy. He’s always been there when we were lonely. Sometimes, he was our only excuse to leave the house and get some fresh air after a long day of exam prep. He was the most loyal, kind and non judgemental soul I have come across and he’ll always have a special place in my thoughts. Rest in power, bud, may the force be with you.

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